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20-21 October 2021
ALLPLAN supports architects, engineers, precast planners, and contractors to future-proof their position with regard to the digital transformation of the AEC industry. ALLPLAN addresses the entire “Design to Build” process from the first concept to final detailed design for the construction site and for prefabrication.

At this free of charge virtual event you will learn from experienced industry experts where the AEC journey is heading, about ALLPLAN’s single platform strategy and how the upcoming version Allplan 2022 will support you in your everyday work.
  • Learn about future trends from industry leading AEC experts
  • Up skill on the very latest Allplan release
  • See best practice examples from real customer projects
  • Network with AEC industry participants
Buildability at its best

Buildability for construction implementation is increasingly playing a central role. This practical approach means that a structure not only looks good in the 3D model but can also be built efficiently. That is, without wasting materials, time or money. Amongst other things, this requires open, collaborative workflows throughout the project from design to build. The upcoming version Allplan 2022 supports this process by seamlessly meshing the workflows of all design stakeholders in a single platform.

DAY 1 - 20th October - 3 to 7 pm EEST:
6 presentations & online networking
Learn about industry trends, ALLPLAN's vision, strategy and positioning.
Find out how AEC challenges can be solved today and in the future.

DAY 2 - 21st October - 3 to 7 pm EEST:
30 sessions in 4 parallel streams
Gain a product overview and learn what ALLPLAN's solutions can do to solve
your challenges today and prepare you for the demands of building the future

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