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Modeling of 3D Patterns

Allplan Add-On 3D Pattern by CDS Bausoftware AG

The external option 3D Pattern for Allplan is the ideal tool for detailed representation of the 3D model. The patterns can be created directly in the animation window or other 3D view. You can create fast realistic facings and other details for better illustration of your ideas.
Main features
  • Intuitive application
  • Dynamic Boolean operations
  • Sets of lines, circles and fills
  • Variable thickness of 3D objects – surfaces and solids
  • Free definition of textures and colors for animation
  • Scaling, rotation and change of reference point
  • Easy modification of the initial outline - Copy, move and all other modification options of Allplan
  • Possibility for multi–editing
  • Saving and loading of favorite files with settings
This add-on for Allplan is offered in 2 languages. It is suitable for Allplan Architecture, but can be installed also on Allplan Engineering.

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