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Dimension Lines In 3D Space

Allplan Add-on Spatial Dimensioning by CDS Bausoftware AG

The external option of 3D Dimensioning for Allplan is suitable for presenting three-dimensional models or perspective views. The dimensions are placed in 3D space. Thus the 3D model is more clear and informative. Can be used for dimensioning of lengths, elevations, slopes, angles and coordinates as well as dimensioning of circles – radius, diameter and length of arc.
Main features
  • Intuitive application
  • 3D dimensions
  • Dynamic preview
  • Properties are defined in palettes like in Allplan
  • Saving and loading of favorite files with settings
  • All common dimension types, similar to 2D drafting
  • Can be used in different types of 3D views and sections as well as in the 3D model in Allplan animation window
  • 3D PDF export with 3D dimensions
This add-on is already utilized by more than 300 Allplan users and is offered in 10 languages. It is suitable for all types of Allplan 3D components. Can be installed on Allplan Architecture and Allplan Engineering.
Customers’ examples:
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