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webinare_heder27102021News In Allplan 2022

Recording available soon

Speaker: dipl. eng. Ioana Dimitrova

Allplan 2022 stands for the integrated working method of architects, engineers and contractors on a single platform from the initial design to successful implementation on the construction site. Seamlessly integrated workflows help to shorten coordination processes, increase efficiency and add value - for buildability at its best.

  • More efficient and detailed modeling with Allplan
    Detailed and precise models are a key prerequisite for efficient processing of BIM projects. With Allplan 2022, the interaction of components has been fundamentally revised.
  • Intuitive to use and powerful: Terrain model and Road design
    The functionality for terrain modeling and road design has been completely redeveloped and includes an intuitive user interface to get started quicker.
  • Allplan Bridge 2022: Design of bridges from precast girders
    With the new version of ALLPLAN’s solution for bridge engineering the options for parametric modeling have once again been significantly expanded. A special focus is the design of precast girder bridges.
  • New role in the actionbar: Allplan Construction
    BIM and digitization are not limited to the design process, but also play an increasingly important role in construction. Accordingly, the construction process is already being given greater consideration during design and prefabrication. Allplan 2022 supports this trend.
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