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dcinfilt20201Allplan 2021-1 Delivers Automated Processes

for Structural Design


April 15, 2021

Allplan 2021-1 with new functions for provision of voids, reinforcement, bridges and the collaboration and data management platform Bimplus.
Allplan, global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, today introduced the service release of Allplan 2021. The latest version ensures that recurring processes such as provision for voids, reinforcement or bridge design are automated. This saves architects and engineers a lot of time and helps to avoid errors while ensuring a high level of precision. To make working on BIM models easier, new functions are available in the data management platform Bimplus, which can be used to further increase the planning quality in BIM projects.


dcinfilt20201News in DC-Infilt, New Program DC-Infilt/Rain


May 9, 2020

Analysis of block drain-trenches with predefined types now available in DC-Infilt
  • Use of block drain-trenches for the analysis of block drain trench and trough block drain trench infiltrations
  • Free input of predefined types with measures and storage coefficient
    read more >>  

News in DC-Pile


May 8, 2020

Load by lateral pressure and Franki piles
  • Display of the horizontal lateral pressure for a Franki pile
  • Pile loading by lateral pressure over the depth of the pile available read more >>  


c4ds22vidCinema 4D S22 Announced


April 21, 2020

Subscription-Only Release Offers Improved UV Workflows and Viewport Performance.

The next generation of Maxon’s 3D application and first subscription-only release affords customers early access to massive performance and interactivity improvements.  read more >>  

pit05122019News in DC-Pit


December 5, 2019

Verification of the grouted anchor body, automatic redistribution
  • Use of the diagrams for the capacity of grouted anchor bodies acc. to Ostermayer or definition of a value for the skin friction
  • Selection of the soil type (Gravel, sandy / Sand, gravelly / Clay + Silt etc.) and interpolation in the diagram area between the upper and the lower curve read more >>  
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