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AX3000 Energy Certificate

 The AX3000 energy certificate allows you to simultaneously create the energy certificate and the calculation of heat demand without additional

work for the following countries:axec1

  • Germany (ENEV acc. to DIN 4108-6 and DIN 4701-10)
  • Austria acc. to the norms:

B 8110-5 (Climate data for reference climate and location,

B8110-6 (Heating- and cooling demand)

Ö-Norm H5055 (Energy certificate for buildings)

Ö-Norm H 5056 (HVAC - energy demand)

Ö-Norm H5057 (Ventilation and air conditioning - energy demand )

Ö-Norm H5058 (Cooling - energy demand)axec2

Ö-Norm H5059 (Illumination - energy demand)

  • Italy (base norm EN 13790, UNI TS 11300-1, UNI TS 11300-2)
  • France base norm 3CL
  • Spain base norm CTE
  • Romania base norm CEN

After the construction of your building and the definition of the building physics you will automatically receive the energy certificate


Your benefit:axec3

  • Efficient input assistants
  • Energy certificate from your construction program
  • (AutoCAD or Allplan)
  • Automatic component assumption from Allplan (3D-building model)
  • Easy floor assumption in AutoCAD
  • Extensive building material catalogs (Norm-, Manufacturer & Öbox-data)
  • Numerous reports
  • Integrated database interface (Zeus+ Immozeus, EAWZ- Vorarlberg)
  • Well arranged check possibilities and report lists
  • Integrated subsidy requests and check journals
  • The fastest solution - the most simplified process

Many reports are possible:

  • Building physical certificates
  • Steam diffusion acc. to EN ISO 13788, U-value acc. to EN ISO 6946)
  • Quantity survey with detailed results
  • Certificate of the summerly overheating acc. to B8110-3
  • Transmission-conductance acc. to B8110-1
  • Area related HD acc. to ÖNORM
  • Lek-value
  • Certificate of the sonic protection acc. to ÖNORM B8115-4
  • Shading factors for solar heat profits

With the possibility of calculating several variants in one project, the AX3000 Energy certificate represents an optimal and powerful instrument for professional energy consulting.



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