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AX3000 - the innovative software for system engineering

Until now the biggest effort of calculating the Heating- and Cooling load with Energy-Plus has been the manual capturing of the geometrical data of a building.
With the help of the Building simulation Module it is now possible to generate this data directly out of Allplan or AutoCAD.

You will gain more benefit and comfort with this time saving method.

Easy functions define different wall build-ups, windows and doors. You can also assign cost factors to the single material types which
will be available for calculation. Support your calculation with placement of your building and different climate data.

Data and graphics of the sums and load maxima for the single rooms or the entire building allow you an optimum view at the accumulating energy loads.

Your benefit:axbs1

  • Automatic calculation of heating- and cooling load
  • Direct Import from the geometrical data out of
  • AutoCAD or Allplan
  • Wall definition acc. to DIN 12831
  • Window- and door definition acc. to EN ISO 10077
  • Dynamic change of room heights
  • Placement of buildings and consideration
  • complete annual climate data
  • Energy technical consideration and optimizing
  • Dynamic building simulation

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