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AX3000 Heating & Sanitary

 Piping calculation for Heatingaxh1

  • Intelligent drawing elements (2D/3D line construction)
  • Determination of required ascending pipes
  • Simultaneous FL/RT-construction
  • Automatic radiator-connection in floor or at ascending pipe
  • Two pipe - and Tichelmann systems
  • Automatic pipe dimensioning acc. to R-constant
  • Change of medium via density and viscosity
  • Minimum diameter default
  • Automatic access to deposited pipe tables
  • Automatic assignment of required fittings 
  • Line labelingaxh2
  • Isometrical line scheme 
  • Isometrical view of pipe systems and radiators 


Piping calculation for sanitary drinking water

  • Intelligent drawing elements (2D/3D line construction)
  • Drinking water calculation acc. to DIN 1988
  • Simultaneous construction of CW/HW
  • Automatic connection to sanitary objects
  • Definition of free load points
  • Dimensioning of apartment units or apartment knots
  • Comfortable labeling functions 


Piping calculation for sanitary waste wateraxh3-b

  •  Waste water calculation acc. to DIN EN 12056 & DIN 1986-100
  • Automatic connection to sanitary objects
  • Line construction
  • Bevel
  • Automatic calculation of the slope
  • Fixation of single lines 


Distributor- / Center construction axh4-s

  • 3D-pipe construction
  • Distributor construction
  • Calculation of the distributor diameter
  • Nipple placement with different dimensions
  • Automatic access to flange sheets
  • Automatic access to material sheets
  • Placement of the mounting group to a predefined height
  • Automated or free labeling 


Calculation of the heat demand and the comfortable heat

  • Heat load acc. to EN 12831
  • U(k)-value calculation acc. to EN ISO 6946, Glaser diagram
  • Surface- and volume calculation in the room for heat demand
  • Heat demand list acc. to DIN/ÖNORM form
  • Comfortable heat acc. to VDI 6030
  • Automatic radiator placement in room for heat demand
  • Radiator list, Data output to VDI forms 



  • Room number capturing and room name
  • Automatic increase of the room number
  • Sheet selection for room names
  • Conversion from Norm heat performance into
  • required heat performance for radiator-placement
  • 3D placement of radiators
  • 3D room height variation 


Radiator placement

  • Manufacturer data acc. to VDI 3805 (BDH 2.0)
  • Room- and floor wise placement:
  • automatically via VDI 3805
  • Overflow, Flow- and Return temperature
  • Manual placement of radiators for performance check
  • Determination of min/max radiator size
  • Input of wall distance
  • Change of radiator size
  • Automatic radiator-labeling
  • Change of connection type
  • Definition connection type and valves
  • Copy/Move radiator groups 



  • Valve setting lists
  • Calculation of water amounts in piping and radiator
  • Detailed material list reporting of heating objects,
  • sanitary objects, pipes, mountings and insulations 

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