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AX3000 Ventilation & Air Conditioning

 Ventilation planningaxv1

  • Intelligent drawing elements (2D/3D line concept)
  • Easy connection of air outlets
  • Projection with calculation of variants
  • Change- and copy functions
  • Automatic access to article database

Ventilation construction

  • 2D/3D view
  • Automatic labeling of position, length and dimension
  • Automatic access to round pipe and component schedulesaxv2
  • System construction via centerline or exterior edge
  • Automatic calculation of the between length
  • Automatic visual collision control
  • 2D/3D device construction
  • 2D/3D system construction
  • Duct-/ pipe manipulation
  • Automatic cross section connections
  • Takeover of continuation cross sections
  • Easy construction of special fittings
  • Change of systems and system parts
  • Generation of sectional views
  • Automated or free labelingaxv3
  • True to size calculation of distances

Calculation of duct systems

  • Automated pressure loss calculation
  • Sonic calculation acc. to VDI2081/1/2
  • Optional : Cooling load calculation acc. to VDI 2078 
  • Optional : Building simulation dynamic cool- and heat load 


  • Allowance calculation acc. to DIN 18379 and ÖNORM H6015
  • Material sum lists, Production lists, profile list
  • Performance directory via Allplan BCM
  • Fitting list (FLI) : graphical view of fittings
  • Color analysis

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