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December 5, 2019

Verification of the grouted anchor body, automatic redistribution
  • Use of the diagrams for the capacity of grouted anchor bodies acc. to Ostermayer or definition of a value for the skin friction
  • Selection of the soil type (Gravel, sandy / Sand, gravelly / Clay + Silt etc.) and interpolation in the diagram area between the upper and the lower curve read more >>  
  • Determination of the limit load as a force (for non-cohesive soils)or as a skin friction (in cohesive soils)
  • In the soil layer parameters:alternatively definition of a fixed value for the skin friction
  • Verification of the available and the required length of the grouted anchor body:
  • Anchor design: consideration of anchor failure with 1.5*Ak or at least 4 cords for cord anchors following EAB, R 86
  • Automatic selection of the redistribution figures for the earth pressure following EAB or EAU
  • Depending on the wall type, kind of earth pressure, number and depth of the supports
3pit05122019 4pit05122019 dc-pit news
Selection resp. input of the values for the capacity with the soil layers Setting and selection of
the redistribution figure
Selection of the regions in
the diagram acc. to
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