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Maxon Introduces New Pricing & Licensing

New Cinema 4D licensing optionsMaxon announced Cinema 4D R21 at SIGGRAPH, LA last month. The new generation of the award-winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering software introduces new capabilities, including a completely new Caps and Bevel system, new Field Force dynamics, interface speed enhancements and broader integration with popular hardware and software technologies.

Cinema 4D is now offered as a singular solution and there is no need to choose between editions. Maxon has decided to focus all its development efforts on one affordable version. The new price plans include flexible subscription options as well as perpetual licenses. The Cinema 4D subscription includes the current version of Cinema 4D and complete access to the Cineversity training and plugin library. A bundle subscription is available for users, who want to use Redshift with Cinema 4D. The demo version is the same as the commercial license and you can use it for 14 days. Then it would be easy to continue your experience with Cinema 4D by starting your subscription at a low monthly fee.

Cinema 4D R21 will be available in the beginning of September, 2019.

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