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DC-Software - BIM In Foundation Engineering

April 17, 2019

DC-Integra now with IFC interface
  • Create a 3D model of your foundation pit with base sections of different depth and automatic intersection of slopes
  • Display of all wall types with infillings, anchors, booms and pipeworks
  • Export of the 3D model into IFC format and impo rt in other BIM systems like Revit or Allplan
  • Alternatively Reference View or Design Transfer View 
  • Support of any wall type: bore pile wall, diaphragm wall, sheet pile wall, girder plank wall, Mixed In Place, nail wall, underpinnings 
  • Each element may be selected separately, like sheet pile profile, girder, anchor tension member, fixed length, timber infilling    
17042019_3 17042019_2
 3D model of foundation pit, anchors and pipeworks, here with check of anchor collision  Model as Design Transfer View in Solibri Model Viewer Model as Reference View in
BIM Vision Viewer
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