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December 17, 2018

Extensive new developments in the area of foundation engineering are available in DC-Software: new pile type ductile driven pile: steel pipe + cement infilling in DC-Pile, application of stabilisation columns for slope stability analysis in DC-Slope and many other improvments in DC-Fondation programs.


  • Analysis of ductile driven piles acc. to certification or OENORM B 2567
  • Load bearing capacity from steel section + filling with cement mortar
  • When selecting values of skin friction and end bearing acc. to Recommendations on Piles or DIN 1054, it is now possible to interpolate for available values of qc (for non-cohesive soils) or cu (for cohesive soils) and within the range of values acc. to Recommendations on Piles      
131218_2 131218_1
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DC-Slope - application of stabilisation columns for slope stability analysis

  • Approach for StS acc. to Goemmel Goemmel and Neidhart
  • Definition of non-reinforced stabilisation columns
  • Consideration of different forms of failure like bending, flowing around and turning
  • Application of the normal force in the column
  • Determination of the moment capacity and the shear force
  • Application of the tangential tot al resistance as stabilising moment at the slip circle or as a shear force in the slip area acc. to Janbu
  • Optimisation function for the column distance to fulfill the verification Ed <= Rd
131218_2 131218_2

Other improvements in DC-Foundation programs

  • DC-Pit and DC-Underpinning with earthquake analysis,
  • Drawing functions for the result graphics in every program of the DC-Foundation group
  • DC-Lamella for the Stability of Diaphragm Wall Lamellae: version 2.0 with corner panels
  • DC-Infilt with import of data for rainwater quantities
  • DC-Pile with buckling analysis for micro piles and driven steel piles
  • DC-Pit with automatic slope stability analysis (over DC-Slope), RTF export and shear design acc. to Bender & Mark, with verification against hydraulic heave acc. to Aulbach and Ziegler, graphics-based output for DC-Pit
  • DC-Bearing, DC-Footing, DC-Slope, DC-Geotex, DC-Gabion, DC-Cantilever and DC-Nail with earthquake analysis acc. to EC 8
  • Complete support of Eurocode 7 with all the 3 Design Approaches for all countries, variable settings of Eurocode 2 and 3 for the design of reinforced concrete and steel
  • DC-Integra with geological sections and option 3D/Anchor

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