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Home News DC-Software News - December 2017

DC-Software - News in December

EurocodesssDC-Pit and DC-Underpinning: analysis with earthquake loads available acc. to Eurocode 8-5 / Mononobe-Okabe

DC-Foundation: graphics functions for drawing and labeling in system and result graphics, import of DXF files as a background for the input

DC-Pile/Npw: addition to the program DC-Pile for the analysis of piles in slopes, e.g. for noise protection walls, acc. to ZTV-Lsw 06 / approach by  Vogt   

DC-Lamella 2.0: now with corner panels acc. to Triantafyllidis

DC-Pilegroup: analysis of a slab with elastic bedding without piles, output of the req. reinforcement with numbers, verification  against punching at the pile head

DC-Pit: design of diaphragm walls with steel bars + ComBAR. Implementation of a time step method for the consideration of time-dependent deformation of supports (e.g. supporting reinforced-concrete floors with creep and shrinkage deformations) for every construction stage.


DC-Pit  and DC-Underpinning - earthquake analysis acc. to Eurocode 8-5 available. Earth pressure acc. to Mononobe-Okabe122017-erthq

    -   Analysis in design situatin BS-E with safety factors for angle of internalfriction ϕ and cohesion c
    -   Result output for actions +V and -V for each load case
    -   Definition of the earthquake coefficients kh = ag/g, kv = avg/g
    -   Calculation of the earth pressure coefficients active/passive acc. to Mononobe-Okabe resp. Eurocode 8-5
    -   Influence of the earthquake load on the earth pressure at rest and water pressure
    -   Analysis for the vertical influence in the direction of the self-weight (+V) and against (-V)

    Download PDF

DC-Pit - diaphragm wall design with steel bars

    -   Definition of the selected reinforcement alternatively with steel mesh or with steel bars or ComBAR (diameter/distance of bars)

    Download PDF

DC-Underpinning - analysis DIN 4093 / EC 2

    -   Cemented soil mass acc. to DIN 4093122017-import
    -   Concrete mass acc. to Eurocode 2 / DIN EN 1992
    -   Strength fm,k or fc,k with different reduction factors

    Download PDF

Programs DC-Foundation - drawing functions and DXF import in every program

    -   Draw and label with text in any system and result graphics
    -   Distinction between system geometry and e.g. earth pressure and section forces diagrams with separate graphics elements
    -   Lines, polylines, polygons, rectangles, texts, circles and dimension chains 
    -   Import of DXF graphics as background and use for the input, e.g. to enter soil layers in DC-Slope 
    -   Support of layers: switch on or off and freeze

    Download PDF

Program DC-Pile/Npw - analysis of piles in slopes e.g. for noise protection walls acc. to ZTV-Lsw 12-2017Npw06

    -   Verification of piles in slopes, e.g. for noise protection walls acc. to ZVT-Lsw 06 with the approach by Vogt
    -   Iteration of the sliding block for the inclination of the slip joint ϑ with minimum safety
    -   Iteration of the pile length for observing the equilibrium of moments
    -   Additional length Δt for observing the horizontal equilibrium of forcesExtended approach for layered soil with different soil parameters ϕ, δ, γ
    -   Clear output as a graphic as well as a numeric verification
    -  Available as an addition for the program DC-Pile for bore piles and driven piles

Download PDF

Program DC-Lamella 2.0 - stability of diaphragm wall lamellae now with corner panels acc. to Triantafyllidis122017-lamella

    -   Consideration of corner panels following the approach of Triantafyllidis
    -   Application of the load on a larger developed view length
    -    Application of the supporting force on the smaller length of the diagonal
    -   Variant III.a or III.b is possible alternatively
    -   Earth pressure on the guidance wall active, increased active or earth pressure at rest
    -   Most important analysis results are displayed immediately in the graphic
    -   Analysis acc. to latest standard DIN 4126:2013 with partial safety factors acc. to Eurocode 7 / DIN 1054:2010
    -   Verification of the loss of slurry
    -   Verification of the safety against influx of gr ound water into the lamella
    -   Verification of the safety against sliding  of single grains or groups of grains
    -   Verification of the safety against sliding surfaces endangering the lamella
    -   Verification of the required liquid limit of the slurry122017-pgroup
    -   Bilinear application of the shoulder pressure acc. to DIN 4126

    Download PDF


     Program DC-Pilegroup - new functions in version 2.6 

    -   Analysis of a slab with elastic bedding without piles
    -   Verification against punching at thepile heads, if required

    -  Display of the required reinforcement with numbers As,t/As,b

    Download PDF


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