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Webinar: News in  SCIA Engineer 17 | 20 June 2017 

SCIA Engineer 17 brings a large number of new features and improvements dedicated to boosting your productivity. Powered by cutting edge technologies, the new version of SCIA Engineer gives you higher speed, increased overall efficiency and transparency to power your day-to-day work as well as challenging and special projects. We have prepared a series of webinars to introduce you to this new version of the successful structural engineering software.

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Уебинар: BIM ориентирано моделиране на пътни съоръжения
27 юни 2017 

  • Моделиране на конструктивните елементи на мост
  • 3D aрмиране
  • Създаване на необходимите изгледи и разрези
  • Количествени сметки

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Уебинар: Задаване на материали на елементите на сградата и количествени сметки с Allplan 2017 Architecture | 29 юни 2017 

  • Задаване на материали на конструктивните елементи на сградата
  • Задаване на елементи и материали за довършителни работи
  • Изобразяване на довършителните работи в разрезите на сградата
  • Количествени сметки

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Webinar: Cinema 4D and MoGraph for Concept Illustration | 14 July 2017 

In this free webinar, Leon Tukker will show you how Cinema 4D's MoGraph toolset can be used in combination with modifiers to quickly create a 3D scene as a base for a detailed concept illustration. After exporting into Photoshop, multiple painting and composition techniques will be used to finalize the illustration.

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