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dcj90We celebrate a jubilee: 25 years DC-Software

We thank our more than 2000 customers in nearly 70 countries, who remained loyal to DC-Software for up to 25 years!

  DCBORE, DCPROBE, DCSIEVE, DCLOAD, DCPROC, DCPUMP: Version 1 under MS-DOS with 640 kB of RAM, graphics on a pen plotter in black and white
  Presentation of DCSECTION: Geological sections on large plans
1994   Start of DC-Foundation: DC-Underpinning, DC-Slope
1996   Completely new developped: DC-Software for Windows
1998   New: DC-Pit and DC-Nail, website www.dc-software.de
2002   English program version, Swiss + Austrian standards, DCGIS
2003   Analysis based on partial safety factors: DIN 1054:2003
2005-2007   Many new analysis programs: DC-Geotex, DC-Cantilever, DC-Infilt, DC-Footing, DC-Gabion
2008-2011   DC-Integra 3D with 3D model of the foundation pit and photo realistic presentation: volume calculation, geology sections, anchor collision
2012   Complete Eurocode 7 with all the 3 Design Approaches, variable settings for Eurocode 2 and 3
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Latest News:

Program DC-Pilegroup
  • Analysis of Pile groups (small program version)
  • Analysis of Combined Pile Raft Foundations (CPRF: large program version)
DC-Underpinning: New output with graphics quality

DC-Dewatering: Support of circular foundation pits

DC-Nail: New certification based on Eurocode 7

DC-Nail, DC-Slope: New analysis approach for prestressed and self-tensioning anchor piles

DCBORE: New DIN 4943 with changed data sheets for well installations

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