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DC-Software News | November 2012

Euec23rocode 2,3 and 7 variable for any country
DC-Integra 3D: now with sections through the ground model
DCLABTEGRA: composition of soil explorations

Since June, 2012, Eurocode 7 is available for the programs DC-Foundation – now DC-Foundation supports the design acc. to Eurocode 2 and 3 as well with free adjustment of all the national parameters.   

Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain are completely predefined. For any other country the design approaches and the parameters may be selected as desired.

EU-wide use and support for any country with free selection of the approach of the safety factors – now it’s just easy!

Design acc. to EUROCODE 2 and 3
Variable setting of all national parameters of Eurocodes for use in the
design for any country
  • ec23138ec2138Predefined setting for the proposed values acc. to Eurocode 2 and 3, for Germany (DIN EN 1992 / DIN EN 1993), Austria (OENORM B 1992 / OENORM B 1993), France (NF EN 1992 / NF EN 1993), Great Britain (BS EN 1992 / BS EN 1993), Italy (UNI EN 1992 / UNI EN 1993) and Spain (UNE EN 1992 /UNE EN 1993)
  • Easy selection by the flag, all the settings of the corresponding National Annex are predefined automatically.
  • Free selections for any country
  • Automatically or choose freely
  • Design of reinforced concrete acc. to Eurocode 2: Verifications for bending, punching, shear, minimum/maximum reinforcement and non-reinforced concrete depending on the program
  • Steel design acc. to Eurocode 3: Verifications for bending and shear, stability (buckling) as well as sheet pile walls and piles acc. to Eurocode 3-5
  • Input for any National Annex

DC-Integra 3D
NEW: arbitrary sections through the ground model with display of the soil layer levels incl. colors and symbols

  • integra-section4Longitudinal and cross sections through the 3D model of soil layers and foundation pit
  • Arbitrary course incl. polyline sections
  • Display of the sections as inserted images in the plan or as separate plans
  • Soil layer filling with colors and symbols acc. to DIN 4023, OENORM B 4400-1, SN 640 034, BS 5930
  • Updating all the sections at the push of a button if the section line or the ground model has changed

DCLABTEGRA- the Integrated Soil Mechanics
Composition of field and laboratory tests
Mass determination of bore meters and tests

  • 2b02efbcaClearly arranged composition of field and laboratory tests for arbitrary projects
  • Assignment between bore hole logs -> samples -> laboratory tests
  • Results of sieve and sedimentation tests, proctor tests, consistency limits, etc. may be selected as desired
  • Direct access to any test by clicking it in the tree of tests
  • Immediate editing in the individual program (DCSIEVE, DCCONS,...)
  • Composition of masses for the billing
PDF icon DC-Software News - Eurocode 2 and 3 - PDF, 135 КВ
PDF icon DC-Software News - DC-Integra 3D Section - PDF, 175 КВ
PDF icon DC-Software News - DCLABTEGRA - PDF, 192 КВ
PDF icon DC-Software News - Eurocode 7 - PDF, 176 КВ
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