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A wealth of innovations in the area of modeling simplifies the modification of 3D solids and offers new options for creation and display. Thanks to the fundamental redesign of the functions for section and view generation, you can create your designs even more smoothly. A new function for automatically updating plans ensures that they are always up-to-date. To make Allplan Architecture 2017 the most stable and user-friendly Allplan version, we have implemented many customer requests and detailed improvements. As a result, Allplan 2017 is the ideal tool for your day-to-day work. Easy-to-use task management provides the new Task Board with direct connection to the open collaboration platform bim+. The Task Board provides support for interdisciplinary collaboration thanks to the clear assignment of tasks, and therefore offers a high level of transparency.


Several Upgrades in the Field of 3D modelling due to the integrated Parasolid modelling kernel

  • Improvements in modelling and modification of Loft Solid
  • Improvements in ‘Extrude along path’ and modification of the 3D objects produced with the option
movie3-w  movie2-w
  • Even easier handling and better presentation in plan view of User-Defined Free-Form Components
  • Clearer Overview When Working with the Building Model due to Drawing file filter function
  • Major improvements in sections and views. Automatic update of the drawing 

  • The existing SmartPart library with parametric objects has been supplemented with predefined bands of windows
  • Python-API – the Programmable Interface for the Highest Demands

  • Steel profile library is restructured and updated 
Open BIM platform bim+
  • Task Board for Efficient Task Management

Exclusively for Allplan Architecture 2017 Users:
Benefit from the new Allplan Task Board and test bim+ to its full extent until Dec 31, 2016. Please download the step-by-step instruction on how to get started with bim+. Then follow this link to our Serviceportal Allplan Connect.
  • Collision Check via bim+
  • Data Exchange without Any Stumbling Blocks
  • Improved performance of Workgroup Online
The Workgroup Online function of Allplan Workgroup Manager enables efficient work on a location-independent basis. All Allplan project data is exchanged via the internet. To reduce the transfer time for large volumes of data, a new compression method has been introduced in Allplan Architecture 2017, which reduces the data volume and thus the transmission time by 75 percent on average. In individual cases, even reductions of up to 90 percent are possible. You can therefore work considerably faster on your projects online.


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